Governor's Executive Order

On February 22, 2012, Governor Tom Corbett signed an Executive Order (2012-03) establishing the Governor's Office of Homeland Security (GOHS).  The GOHS consists of the Homeland Security Advisor (Commissioner, State Police), the Homeland Security Director and a staff to carry out the Homeland Security functions in accordance with the procedures of the Governor's Office of Administration.  The GOHS is located at the Pennsylvania State Police Departmental Headquarters in Harrisburg. 

Our Mission

The Governor's Office of Homeland Security coordinates homeland security activities by working with our federal partners, other Pennsylvania departments and agencies, regional task forces, local governments and the private sector.  The GOHS works to secure the commonwealth against acts of terrorism by:

  • Coordinating with our private and public sector partners to prevent, protect and mitigate against acts of terrorism;

  • Developing and revising the Governor's Office of Homeland Security's Strategic plan in concert with our stakeholders;

  • Identifying and reducing the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and key resources through a unified outreach campaign; and,

  • Collaborating with the All-Hazards Fusion Center, the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC) and with other recognized regional fusion centers.

Governor's Office of Homeland Security

Homeland Security Advisor           Commissioner Frank Noonan

Director                                    Thomas F. Minton, III

Contact Information

1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA  17110

Telephone:  717-346-4460